Do you love Fursuits and wish there was a dedicated community site for them?

Well it is coming soon!





What we are doing

We are creating an all new community website for the Fursuiting community.

Even if you don’t have a suit there is such a big community around them everyone can join in.

That is why we are creating a site were people can post photos, journals, get help making their first fursuits, posts guides to help others, join groups, see events and meets around there area, discuss anything on a community forum The list goes on…

Why you’ll love it

Simple design, easy to use

The site is going to have many awesome features made specifically for the community like photo sharing with gallery support, multiple photo upload and tagging.

Built on a powerful backend

With there being many features and many users we are building our own Content Delivery Network as well as super fast cacheing server to make sure the site is served fast every time you load a page.

Upload and share

The main part of this site will be the photo sharing.
You will be able to upload multiple photos at once and create galleries full of photos.
Tag friends and others making it easy for them to find photos that have been uploaded of them and let others know who  is who.
Embed images on external sites.
Thumb up photos and favourite them into public or private favourite folders.

A place for the builders

We want this site to be a great place for Fursuit Builders and allow them to create their own portfolio on the site.
They will be able to create a “Builder Page” where they can show off what they have created with;
  • Photo galleries
  • Show their commission status as well as a list of commissioners
  • Create a quote page with price estimate
  • And manage their quotes and customers all on the site’s “Commission Managament” page

No need for multiple accounts!

We noticed that people have to create multiple accounts on many image sharing sites used by the Fursuiting community.
Why should you have to do this? Well you wont have to here!
You will be able to have one account and manage multiple profiles for all your fursonas/characters.
Users on the site can follow one or more of your profiles and you can upload different content to each one.

Groups and Meet/Event pages

Join and create groups

Have a passion that others share?

Join together with groups and share photos and communicate with others on a dedicated page. Groups can be public, invite only or private.

Get together and socialise

Meet and event organisers will be able to create and manage pages of their events where users can RSPV dates and get info on events and meets.

Page admins will be able to enable discussion boards and allow joined members to share photos with each other by either tagging or uploading to the public gallery.

Love the site idea? Share it with everyone!

Have your say!

Please check out out Google Forum bellow and see all the features we want to implement as well as suggesting your own.

Want to help fund the site? Here you can donate in multiple forms.

Why do we need money?
As with all projects like this there are a lot of costs.
We put in many hour of our own time for free to make this site and pay for servers and development out our own pocket.
So all donations go towards helping us pay for these costs.
We thank every donor no matter how big or small. As as reward we will allow donors to get early access to the site and other benefits if any.

Donate via PayPal

Donate with Bitcoins

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Copyright notice

All photos featured on the site were taken by Jacktail.
Anyone in these photos that wish to not be featured on the site, get in touch with @FurryJackTail
Some icons are by artist on (to many to list individually).
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